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Change In Academic Standing

Students can experience academic distress for a variety of reasons, and no matter where students are in their journey, we intend to support all our students with campus and community resources. Students experiencing academic distress can often be left feeling frustrated, confused, angry, and isolated. But know that you are not alone.

At USU, we know that students experiencing academic distress can benefit from campus and community support. Students with a semester or USU GPA below 2.0 have a change in standing in accordance with USU’s Academic Standing Policy.

What does a change in standing mean?

To remain enrolled at Utah State University, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward attaining a degree. Academic standing is dependent upon three factors:

  • total number of attempted credits
  • semester grade point average (GPA)
  • institution GPA

While a change in academic standing may indicate a student is struggling at present, it does not reveal a student’s ability to succeed either at USU or in other endeavors. Our advisors are here to help students learn to leverage their strengths and create a plan moving toward success.

A change in academic standing is designed to provide early identification of students who are experiencing academic difficulty, and to provide timely intervention through academic advising and student support programs. Students who are placed on semester GPA warning, academic warning, or academic probation should immediately seek assistance in academic improvement from such sources as academic advisors, instructors, and the Academic Success Programs.


  1. Students with a change in academic standing will receive an email notification of their academic standing from the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Advising administrators will reach out to students with a required survey.
  3. Students must complete the survey by January 14, 2022. 
  4. Students must meet with their academic advisor by March 23. 2022 to review the survey and make a plan to return to good academic standing. Students who do not meet with their advisor may have a registration hold placed on their account.