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Prep Academy

The Prep Academy program is for students who do not meet the requirements to be admitted to a four-year, Bachelor’s degree program. An academy is a place of study or training. As a student within the Prep Academy, your study and training will be focused on two goals: first, earning a General Studies Associate’s degree; and second, earning full admission into a Bachelor’s program at Utah State University.

Please note, that students interested in the Prep Academy should submit all of their USU admission application materials at least two weeks prior to the Prep Academy admission deadlines of July 15 (fall semester) and December 1 (spring semester) in order to be considered and admitted prior to these deadlines (apply by July 1 or Nov 15).

Classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Students should register as soon as registration opens for the best chance of being able to take the needed courses each semester. A delay in registration may make it necessary to stay in the Prep Academy program an extra semester or two while taking and completing the needed courses.

Prep Academy

Prep Academy provides opportunities, experiences, skills, and education to assist students to qualify for full admission into a USU bachelor's degree program. 
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Prep Academy students take a suite of courses in a focus area to earn an Associate degree.


Statewide Campuses (non-Logan)

Success Team

Prep Academy students have access to an academic advisor, career coach, and financial aid counselor.

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Answers to common questions for Prep Academy students and the people who are supporting them in reaching their educational goals.

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