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What is Prep Academy

The Prep Academy program for selected students who have an Admissions Index score that does not qualify for admissions to a bachelor's degree program. Prep Academy students earn an Associate Degree in General Studies.  
The Prep Academy has been intentionally designed based on student success data and established best practices. Its purpose is to provide opportunities, experiences, skills, and education that will assist students to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies and qualify for full admission into a USU bachelor's degree program. 

Intentional Design

The Prep Academy supports the transition to higher education while guiding students’ expectations. Programming provides opportunities for students to gain problem solving and critical thinking skills. To help students increase college preparedness and skills the Prep Academy program is grounded in the Five Senses of Success model by Alf Lizzio which considers how students develop as they transition in, through, and out of the university. He examined five key areas/senses:

  1. Purpose—building motivation, expanding and focusing on aspirations, vocational purpose; increasing confidence and competence
  2. Culture/Identity—developing positive sense of self; increasing confidence and competence in their field; ethical and understanding civic judgment; values and standards
  3. Connectedness—ability to form and maintain working relationships; creating sense of network and community; developing leadership skills and capacity
  4. Resourcefulness—increasing independence and resiliency; managing change and challenge
  5. Capability—developing a sense of efficacy as learners; knowledge acquisition, professional mastery, proficiency, and self-advocacy