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Prehealth Workshops

Prehealth Orientation workshop

Are you interested in learning about how to prepare for health profession graduate programs? Join us in this orientation workshop to learn about choosing a major, prerequisites, admission tests, extracurricular activities, and how to get involved. We will also discuss the basic timeline of application, how to begin investigating schools, and the resources that support this investigation. Professional school specific.

Academic Planning workshop

This workshop is designed to teach students how to use Degreeworks, USU’s degree audit system, in the development of a four-year plan that includes professional school prerequisites, major requirements, and a tentative timeline of admissions exam and application. If time permits, each student will create an individualized plan in Degreeworks. Prerequisites and materials: Personal laptop and a declared academic major. (Note: Students are still welcome to attend to gather ideas, but to create an actual plan your major must be declared). Not professional school specific.

Personal Statement workshop

We will discuss what the personal statement is, some tips on how to get started, and what to include. Not school specific.

Interviewing skills workshop

This workshop will cover techniques and tips for preparing for your professional school interview. We will also discuss the different formats of interviews you might experience. Not school specific.

Application Strategies workshop

The year leading up to the summer of application is a great time to methodically prepare for the intensive application. The goal is to have much of the work complete by the time the applications open. This workshop will discuss centralized application services, important/critical dates, fees, letter of recommendation distribution, investigating schools, application processing and verification, timing of admission test, personal statements, and the timing of the application to increase the probability of an interview/acceptance. Professional school specific.

Committee Packet Meeting workshop

The Committee Packet Meeting workshop is for students interested in utilizing USU’s Prehealth Evaluation Committee Process. The end product of this process is a letter of recommendation to be used in the health profession school application process. The Committee letter is a unique letter, distinct from a letter of recommendation from one individual, because it incorporates input from numerous evaluators. Students that opt to use this service will provide personal information, three outside letters of recommendation, and will participate in three interviews. The process begins in October of each year and concludes during the summer of the following year. The primary users of this process are medical and dental applicants, however, all students are welcome to participate. Not school specific.