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Aggie Prep Program Overview

The Aggie Prep Program is for students seeking to pursue higher education but may lack some of the criteria required for admission as a four-year degree candidate. The program provides outstanding academic support, advising, and resources to assist each student in the program. The required curriculum incorporates classes that provide a foundational basis to ensure student readiness in general education requirements to move into a program of study.

Aggie Prep advisors work closely with students to monitor their progress and provide help and resources for academic achievement. An Aggie Prep student may enroll in credit courses to pursue an Associate Degree in General Studies or transition into a four-year degree program.

Aggie Prep Program Quicklinks:

Program Objectives

  1. To allow underprepared students the opportunity to succeed in higher education by providing support and coursework to address student challenges.
  2. To increase the diversity of students at Utah State by bringing in underrepresented populations and providing the opportunity for higher education.
  3. To offer an opportunity for provisionally admitted students to establish themselves academically at the University.

The Aggie Prep Program requirements incorporate classes and activities that provide a foundational basis and develop skills for academic success. These requirements are based on best practices that support student engagement and achievement at Utah State University.