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All About Degree Works

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is USU’s degree-audit tool. A degree audit worksheet is a review of past and current coursework organized into completed and incomplete requirements. In Degree Works you and your advisor can create a semester-by-semester plan and track your progress toward earning your degree. You can take ownership of your academic plan by learning how to use Degree Works and all of its features.

What Can Degree Works Help You to Do?

  • Create a graduation plan - a semester by semester guide of classes you need to take. 
  • Have access to your plan at any time through Banner. 
  • Understand how courses you take apply to the requirements for your degree.
  • See what impact changing your major or adding minors would have on your plan.
  • Research your options and be prepared for advising appointments.
  • Intentionally design your individual course of study and credit load.
  • Help you track your progress and graduate sooner.


Stay on Track for Graduation

Freshman Year

  • Use registration guides to register for your first semester
  • Meet with your Advisor to make a 2-semester plan
  • Plan General Education courses to help you find a major
  • Meet with your advisor both fall and spring semester
  • Learn how to use Degree Works 
  • Meet with a Career Coach to solidify your path

Sophomore Year

  • Meet with an advisor to build 4-year plan in Degree Works
  • Take ownership of your plan and know curriculum 
  • Meet with your advisor both fall and spring semester
  • Plan for internships and job shadow opportunities 


Junior Year

  • Check with your advisor each semester to make sure your plan is still correct - especially if you change your plan 
    • Curriculum can change so checking your plan is critical
  • Plan for internships and your career goals 

Senior Year

  • Check in with your advisor to make sure you are on track for graduation 
  • Make a graduation contract with your advisor - stick to your last semester plan
  • Apply for graduation


Degree Works FAQ's

Have Questions?

Visit our Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages for answers.


An Introduction to Degree Works                      How to Make a Plan in Degree Works

The videos above should be helpful in understanding what Degree Works is and how to make a plan. You may also reference this Degree Works Manual for Students

Use Your Resources 

You have resources and opportunities at USU to help you stay on schedule for graduation. Below outlines a few of them as well as the helpful links to the right. 

Academic Advising 

Your academic advisor is an important resource and partner in designing and tracking your path to graduation. Your advisor has the knowledge and tools to help you determine which classes to take and when to take them. Some classes are offered only in fall or spring. Many upper-division courses have lists of prerequisites. You also want a balanced schedule by not taking all the hardest classes in the same semester. Your advisor can help you navigate the complexity of the curriculum and have a balanced plan. You should visit with your advisor early in each semester to make sure you are on track and to discuss goals you want your program of study to help you to achieve. In addition to helping you plan your program, advisors can help you find resources for research, connect with internships and participate in extra-curricular opportunities.  

Schedule an Appointment

Have a Semester-by-Semester Plan

Having a plan gives you the map to reach your goals. As a student, you want to make sure you get the most out of your time and investment in college, without taking unnecessary courses or spending extra time and money. Utilize Degree Works Plans to build out your semester-by-semester plan and get a grasp on exactly which courses you need to take and when. 

Explore Majors Early

Your freshman year is the time to explore different majors. General education courses expose you to various subjects of study and modes of thinking; they can help you find a field that sparks your interest. If you are unsure about what major to pursue, meet with an Exploratory Advisor who can help you identify your interests and strengths and align them with a major. 

The Focus 2 Assessment will recommend majors that align with your personal interests. Remember, it is okay to change your major. You will experience new things and learn about new fields at USU that will shape and change your interests, and can help you revise and redefine your academic and career goals.

Work with Your Advisor

Your academic advisor is your guide as you follow your map to graduation. Meet with your advisor often, at least once per semester, to make sure you are on track, and also to explore clubs, research opportunities, internships, and other networking and extracurricular activities that could help you refine and pursue your goals.

Get Involved with Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities 

A great way to find your passion is by participating in the many clubs and organizations at USU. Look for a club or organization that sounds interesting and attend their events. You may find the type of people you want to work with and the activities that drive you. You can also look to the Service Center and be a part of Community-Engaged learning.  These can be effective ways to discover your strengths and interests. 

Explore Research, Internships and Job Shadows

Internships and job shadows are great ways to hone your interests and prepare you for your career. Seek these out during your freshman year. There are also many great summer internships available. As you progress through college keep seeking out internships to build your experience and help narrow your focus. There are also many research opportunities at USU. Explore these opportunites to gain experience in your major and build connections with faculty to help you on your academic and career path.