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Utah State Univeristy Academic Advising Mentoring Program

The Academic Advisor Mentor Program was created to help advisors build mutually beneficial relationships between mentors and mentees. The program is designed to provide new and seasoned advisors a trustworthy sounding board on stressful issues that could come up in advising situations, as well as enrich the advising experience through sharing.

Mentoring program committee: Ruth Loveland-Huntsman School of Business, Tressa Haderlie-College of Education and Human Services, Shelly Kotynek-Quinney College of Natural Resources, and Andrea Olding-Statewide Campuses

Program Goal

To create an environment of sharing and continuous improvement among USU advisors. New advisors have the opportunity to turn to a seasoned advisor or two in a safe setting to receive guidance, answers to questions and support. Seasoned advisors will not only have the opportunity to share their best practices but also help develop better process for a larger group of students. Both mentor and mentee will increase their support group. You can never have too many colleagues cheering for you.

Selecting a Mentor

The best mentor mentee relationships occur when the process is an organic one, where one reaches out to share or ask advice and another answers the request. However, for whatever reason the original reach out is not always easy. So, we are trying to make that process easier. We have gathered a list of seasoned advisors – those who have advised at USU for at least two years – who would like to be mentors. Follow the link below to select the individual or individuals you want in your corner. You can then reach out for assistance.
View Mentors

Becoming a Mentee

No matter how long you have been in a role, there is always room for improvement and a need to bounce ideas or concerns off of colleagues. Therefore, all advisors are invited to utilize the mentor list. This could be a great way to enlarge you advising community as well as enrich current relationships.

If you are a Logan mentee with programs at the statewide campuses, consider reaching out to a statewide campus advising mentor to learn more about the statewide campuses, success coordinators, and resources available to statewide students.  If you are a statewide campus mentee, consider reaching out to a Logan mentor to build connections within the larger advising community.

Becoming a Mentor

Are you an advisor that has been with USU for two plus years and want to be a mentor? Follow the link below to volunteer.
Become a Mentor

Examples of Mentoring Activities

  • Meet monthly to discuss mentee's goals for the year and mentor can assist in reaching them.
  • Discuss topics such as specific student cases or navigating professional situations.
  • Empower each other by intentionally improving personal and professional confidence.