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Online Certification

You must complete the practice section of the (8) modules in the General Certification and (1) Department Advising Aide Certification. Advising Aides receive a certification and obtain the status of certified once they are completed.

The Online Advising Aide Certification consists of the following required modules:

  • General Certification - Eight (8) modules in this section guides new Advising Aides through an overview of a topic, gives them the opportunity to make an exploration of the information and materials and then to practice what they have learned.
  • Department Advising Aide Certification - Pick the department you will be working with as an Advising Aide and complete the certification. Normally you only have to complete one module in this section.

All New Student Aides must reach "certified" status by September. Certification is then maintained by regularly attending additional meetings.

Through the completion of this Online Certification Program, new Student Aides will be better prepared to match the mission of the program and hit the ground running on day one. It is vital that Advising Aides be certified, well trained and available to make a positive contribution almost immediately.

Your departmental Advisor will provide additional on-going training.

To begin, click on the General or Department Advising Aide Certification module on the left that you would like to work on.

General Certification